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CESJ is a a Special Interest Group (SIG) of the American Educational Research Association (AERA).

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Interested in taking critical educational action for social justice? CESJ is calling all activist scholars to action!

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    We are searching for individuals to volunteer to be the contact person for each of the four sections listed on the NEW CESJ Members at Work page.

3 Other Places To Go To Network

If you're looking for another 3 places to go to network for your business, then you will want to read this article. The 3 places that you should consider are Professional groups, Places where you're out and about, and Special interests group as these are all great place to network. After reading this article you should be able to add another 3 top places to your list of places to be networking for your business.

First stop should be your Professional groups like your local Chamber of Commerce. This is a private membership and thus you are required to pay to become a member, but the benefits of the membership exceeds the cost. So put your membership to use! This is a great place to network as you will surely meet same business-like minded people and entrepreneurs alike as yourself. Your local Chamber of Commerce also holds their own networking events for you to attend to. They also might have specialty network associations, like for women - the Women's Chamber of Commerce, or for Asians - Asian Chamber of Commerce.

5 Tips For Increasing

Driving traffic to your website is one thing. Driving targeted traffic, traffic from those who are actually interested in your products or services, is something entirely different. Your website is a reflection of your off-line store and business and you'll need to focus your online marketing campaign in a strategic manner, drawing the attention of those you know you can serve. If you own a restaurant, you'll want to stick to local traffic. If you own a retail store with an online storefront, you can focus on a broader group. Regardless, there are a number of things you can do to bring targeted traffic to your site.

Proper Keyword Research

A Simple Approach To Us Education

Some people think it will take billions of taxpayer dollars to fix the education crisis in the United States. Unfortunately, the current financial dilemma faced by Congress, states, and households may not allow additional funds to be set aside for education. Instead, schools must make internal curriculum changes.

Take Advantage of a Child's Ability to Learn Research has shown that five-year old children are more inclined to learn a foreign language than middle age adults. Nevertheless, curriculums in many U.S. school systems fail to optimize the innate abilities of children in this country. For example, some educators think children in our school systems must take Pre-Algebra in seventh or eighth grade. Yet, many children in other countries have been exposed to Precalculus by these same grades. So, why have some educators created an inferior school curriculum that does not allow students in U.S. schools systems to compete against students in other countries' school systems? Thirty to forty years ago, many workers in the United States were able to make a good living without being required to know much beyond the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic; these workers were able to buy a home and car and to retire with a company defined pension. Times have clearly changed; employers are now looking to hire a more skilled workforce, especially those who possess strong quantitative, writing, and critical thinking skills. Without these three skills, many U.S. workers can barely afford to live in a decent neighborhood; otherwise, these workers probably live in neighborhoods that have subpar education systems and are infested with crime.

Abcs Of K12 Critical Thinking

Characteristics of Learning ď Knowledge Transfer

Learning is all about thinking. In order for knowledge to be acquired a certain level of thinking must take place. Those levels are also called the taxonomy of learning. Taxonomy can be compared to a ladder; the higher you go on the taxonomy the deeper the level of thinking taking place for the individual. Perhaps the most well known learning taxonomy is that of Benjamin Bloom. When you look at his taxonomy there are three domains involved: thinking, doing (motor skills) and attitude of the individual. Any act of learning then involves those three domains.

In K12 classes, lessons are the blueprint for learning opportunities. In classrooms the work or activity taking place is based on a lesson designed by the teacher. Hopefully, those lessons provide learning opportunities during the course of class. And, this is the point where effective teachers separate from ineffective teachers. An effective teacher understands what is necessary to provide a learning opportunity. For example, assigning a worksheet to complete, or assigning reading material from a book or article is not a learning opportunity. Those are tasks or tools to reinforce new material already covered, or to explore what a student knows or doesn't know but in no way are they a learning opportunity.

Abraham Lincoln On Change Learn How To Predict

An article by Gene Griessman, Ph.D. reprinted from The Achievement Digest (TAD)

Lincoln had an uncanny ability to predict behavior. When he was President, he once told his associates how every single member of Congress would vote on a particular bill. To make the point, he wrote down what their votes would be. Sure enough, when the votes were tallied, Lincoln was on target for virtually every vote cast.

How did he do this?

No magic was involved. Lincoln used resources that are within the reach of anyone, and with a bit of practice, you can use them effectively, too.

In general, behavior can be predicted in terms of a person's interests, group identity, character, and unconscious needs.

Artificial Pancreas Awaiting Fda Approval For Clinical

A group of parents of children with diabetes who formed a non-profit foundation in 1970 called the Juvenile Diabetes Research Association (JDRA) has raised almost 1.5 billion for diabetes research, and is close to their goal of developing an artificial pancreas.

In 2006, the JDRA funded a consortium of engineers, mathematicians and diabetes experts to collaborate on computer programs for a possible artificial pancreas. In early 2010, the JDRA hired Animas Corporation, a provider of high tech insulin pumps, to assist in the development of the automated insulin delivery system.

Animas quickly recruited about a dozen "world class" scientists and engineers to work on the project, which it dubbed Project Manya. The collaboration resulted in the development of a first generation wireless insulin delivery system that functions like a human pancreas - the gland which produces chemicals necessary for digestion and blood sugar regulation, including the hormone insulin.

Asian Lady Illussions Of America

Most Asian Ladies, who encounter an American at an online dating site, judge the USA is the land of easy living. It is a long way away from that. Most Americans have to work hard - really hard - to make a living wage. The expense of living in the U.S. is much higher than nearly all countries so even basic necessities can be quite costly. It shouldn't be that way, but because of political self-indulgence the average American family has to work hard to live on.

The U.S. is a land that is preside over by a body of politicians that have sizeable influence over how the average American lives. In today's political climate, most Americans believe the politicians' represent large corporations or special interest groups and are not worried about the individual rights of the typical American. Laws are passed to support corporations or to favor special interest groups that increase the average American's cost of living and tax liability. Usually politicians try to gift wrap their language so it sounds as if they are doing an common American a good deed but when you read the fine print it is all about self-promoting their career, catering to lobbyists' whims and pleasing care of corporate America. Most politicians do what they do to advance their career, not what is best for normal Americans.

Availing Vouchers And Social Responsibility

Grab Discount Vouchers & Coupons in Dubai

Your buying on discounts can become a key to success for social programs.

People in Dubai save lot of money by availing the discounts, printable coupons, scratching the vouchers or entering promotional codes during the electronic shopping. They feel confident in that buying on discounts would make their budget flexible to other shopping. While saving money, interestingly they sometimes put in their contributions towards the promotion of corporate social responsibility. Health awareness campaign in UAE has got its acceleration last year because of the underlying massive interest of bargain hunters.

Bob Beaulaurier Gives Tips To Ceos

Savvy CEOs think of employees like customers, because they are, and they can leave just like customers. Many companies estimate that it costs 7 times an employee's annual salary to replace a skilled worker. Most organizations have had a lot of cost cutting measures as of late because of recession pressures and budget constraints. This has meant that employees have lost budgets, and perhaps wages as a result. Managers are worried because some of the best talent may be about to leave because they have to do more work to take up the slack for budget cuts and trimming staffs.

Add it up and that's why we recommend that CEOs conduct ongoing employee research. Over the past 20 years, I have conducted numerous employee surveys for hospitals, utility companies, software companies and high tech firms both locally and internationally and I firmly believe that the critical thing to keep communications going with employees is to listen and take action. In many cases, identifying who feels under-appreciated and "appreciating them" can keep them happy and in place.

Careers In Sociology

If you have an interest in helping others, making the world a better place, justice, or ensuring the health and safety of those unable to look after themselves, you might consider careers in sociology. Sociology is a broad field encompassing research and academics; direct care and social work; victims' rights and recovery, and a number of other related fields. Here, briefly, is a look at some of the career tracks available to those considering careers in sociology.

Direct Care

Direct care careers in sociology include social workers, case managers, home health work, substance abuse counselors, and protective services personnel, among others. Direct care providers can be office based, or work in the field. Healthcare clinics and mobile service providers serving the mentally ill, homeless, or mentally retarded often employ folks with a background in sociology as they provide the support and assistance needed by their target populations.