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Asian Lady Illussions Of America

Most Asian Ladies, who encounter an American at an online dating site, judge the USA is the land of easy living. It is a long way away from that. Most Americans have to work hard - really hard - to make a living wage. The expense of living in the U.S. is much higher than nearly all countries so even basic necessities can be quite costly. It shouldn't be that way, but because of political self-indulgence the average American family has to work hard to live on.

The U.S. is a land that is preside over by a body of politicians that have sizeable influence over how the average American lives. In today's political climate, most Americans believe the politicians' represent large corporations or special interest groups and are not worried about the individual rights of the typical American. Laws are passed to support corporations or to favor special interest groups that increase the average American's cost of living and tax liability. Usually politicians try to gift wrap their language so it sounds as if they are doing an common American a good deed but when you read the fine print it is all about self-promoting their career, catering to lobbyists' whims and pleasing care of corporate America. Most politicians do what they do to advance their career, not what is best for normal Americans.

Reprehensibly, for the average American necessities are costly. Laws are passed so Americans have to pay disdainful fees for insurances that rarely pay back. By law Americans have to pay these insurance premiums while the customer usually has to pay legal fees to get paid for insurance claims that is justly theirs. This is just one example of where laws are passed to favor insurance companies, special interest groups, and corporations while hard-working Americans' needs are overlooked. Utility CEOs and school administrators live in luxury homes paid by American labor and tax dollars while Americans agonize about heating their house for the winter. Politicians' medical care is compensated for by American tax dollar while millions of children are under nourished and suffer medically. Federal judges are selected for life and are more concerned about political aspirations than individual rights. This is the way of the land and many Americans are weary of it. It is a land of abundance that goes mostly to the privilege paid for by the American tax dollar - OR - laws are passed to fund utility and insurance companies' incompetent supervision of resources that are paid for by Americans so they can live better life than most. It isn't about FREEDOM in America, it is about money. If you have it, you can buy all the freedom you want. With a country as rich as ours who waste millions on ineffective programs to self promote political careers or to pacify special interest groups, no American should have to pay exuberant dollars for the necessities to continue to exist. But we do pay ď political self-indulgence trumps necessities for living every time.

Middle America is fading away. You are either a hard-working pawn of the political system or part of the advantaged who live off the pawn's hard labor. American class system is fueled by politicians who put their careers above individual rights and the constitution. It is greed at its best. Andrew Jackson said: "It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their own selfish purposes." This is more accurate today than ever. I might borrow Jackson's insight and say "It is to be regretted that corporate America, special interest groups, lobbyists and politicians bend the acts of government to their own self-seeking purpose while stomping on the livelihood and individual rights of average Americans. The fact that politicians can grant themselves raises of 30, 40 or even 50% while the rest of America goes without and is asked to keep sacrificing isn't apparent of political selfishness and gluttony, I don't know what is. Most politicians live in suits and get hair cuts that cost more than a month worth of groceries for typical Americans. For a politician to even think they understand the dilemma of an common American is a joke. If current politicians' experience is the sort of political experience that is governing America than we need less experience and more political compassion for the average American.

There is something wrong with a government that is more concerned about insurance companies than medical needs. There is something immoral with a government that passes' laws that can take-away individual property in support of economical greed run by non-trusted politicians. There is something wrong when local and state government is more concerned about Americans paying their sewer and utility bills than passing laws to shield the average American from greedy, utility CEOs. None of the privilege is expected to learn to budget their money or make sacrifices as the common American is expected to do to live. The privilege merely raises taxes or pass laws to take care of their self-indulgence, they don't budget, cut waste that benefit their careers or know what it means to sacrifice. A politician couldn't live in my shoes for one month. They couldn't survive because they wouldn't have the government, special interest groups, or political favors to bail them out when they couldn't stay within their means. It is sinful and one day America will stand up and shout "enough, we are not unaware and are astute to your ways."

I can go on about the circumstances of financial survival for the average American, but my point here is that most Filipinas have an impractical view of life in America. My wife soon learn that everything is expensive and most of the cost is based on political greed be it at local, state or federal government. Americans already pay enough taxes, but heavy-handed politicians waste our tax dollars on programs that are NOT required to placate special interest groups and provide funding. Taxes never need to be raised, taxes are plenty. We need politicians who get rid of the waste and use our taxes on what is required for Americans, not waste our tax dollars on special interest groups, or corporate CEOs. Today Americans don't' want a political leader who will pass more laws, but instead we need a leader who will get rid of the waste and fraud that exist in the political environment. Sadly politicians simply pass laws to make their corruption legal¶.most laws are political favors and unreasonably add to the weight of surviving financially in America.

I once read an article where a politician was criticizing another politician for not authoring new laws. I say we should applaud the politician who doesn't add to the already over regulated state of affairs in our country. Most laws are approved to put a feather in the politician's hat, not because of necessity. Most laws are voted for to appease special interest groups or corporate America for political campaigns or reelection favors. What is needed is a politician to get rid of laws that waste our tax dollars. What is needed is to outlaw special interest groups and have politicians be elected solely on their value. Politicians don't need to raise taxes ď what is needed are better politicians.

If a Filipina Lady meets an American man on an online dating site, marry him for the proper reasons. Marry him for love and he will work hard to take care of you despite the government favoring the privileged over his sacrifices and the burdens he bears to live in America. If you marry for love, you will survive together and be happy.

By: Steve Eyes