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Do You Have Any Worthy Fundraisers Ideas

Everyone can use more money, but money is tight. If you're running a non-profit group it can be especially tough to generate funds. The old go to method to find money for your organization is to have a fundraiser, but everyone is doing that. You'll need to generate some unique fundraiser ideas. If you intend to actually raise money and not just waste your time you will have to really be imaginative. don't just go the way of the chocolate bar. There are many, unique ways to raise money. This guide will help you sort out what you ought to ultimately go with for your fundraising needs, and ultimately, come up with some unique fundraising ideas.

Fundraising is an art. The fundraiser you select is solely dependent on your type of group.

It is wise to think about what you or your organization considers important. Do you care about social justice? If you care about social justice then you might want to consider a fundraiser using Fair Trade products. Nowadays, it seems that everyone seems to be going green. Is your group going eco.? Think organic. Perhaps you ought to sell an environmentally friendly product such as organic coffee. Looking within is definitely a good step. What you, or your company holds dear is the direction you should choose for your fundraising activities.

Now, consider what will make your fundraiser unique. One thing that will really make people identify and want to support your fundraiser is to have a private label. Some companies will use your organization's logo or artwork to create a custom label to reflect your or your group's beliefs. Prices can vary from free to exorbitant amounts for label setup, so it's good to look around.

Where is your group located? It could be there are local companies that can offer fundraising services. If you are located in the middle of nowhere you may have to find an internet fundraiser.

Do you wish to follow the herd? Simply because most are jumping off a bridge, I don't suggest you do the same. Once again, if you want to achieve success you'll need a unique fundraising strategy. If all the school kids are trying to sell cookie dough, you may want to use something else. How much cookie dough can one person enjoy? Doing what everyone else does is the lazy way to go. Be creative, and continuously keep in mind your core beliefs.

You must keep in mind why you are doing this, to raise money! You need to examine the profit, or margin of the merchandise you are selling. Another good thing to consider is not only the percentage markup, but the actual dollar amount profit per item sold. As you well know, a lot of groups use candy bars for fundraisers. Many of these candy fundraisers have margins as low as 40%, so from your sale of a $1.00 candy bar you are only making 40 cents! As an alternative consider using Fair Trade organic coffee for a fundraiser. You can anticipate to make over five bucks per unit, and the recipients will actually enjoy the product.

Always consider your passion in regards to the item you are selling. If you believe in it, then it will be a much more relaxed sell. If you abhor cookie dough and the increased weight caused by the consumption of said cookie dough, then do not sell it.

If you're searching for unique fundraising ideas you can always think outside the box. In my opinion, I think fresh roasted Fair Trade organic coffee is the best way to go. Coffee is consumed weekly by over 80% of adult Americans, so it is probably an item people can make use of. Since everyone is going green, organic coffee would be a good alternative. With all the wrongs through the world people care increasingly more for the small guy, so why don't you choose Fair Trade organic coffee while you're at it? There's lots of organic Fair Trade coffees which are amazing and reasonably priced. By selling organic Fair Trade coffee you are not only serving your cause, but helping hard working farmers through the world.

Take into consideration your out of pocket expense. Will the fundraising company make you pay money for the whole lot upfront, or will they let you pay later? If you are able to take pre-orders this will help defray any upfront costs. Make positive the fundraising group you find will allow you to mail a check for the items after they're received.

One thing people don't ponder is shipping expenses. Some fundraising companies will absorb shipping costs, while others charge an arm and a leg. Have you considered this factor? Do they offer free of charge shipping on orders over a particular dollar amount? If you are not vigilant shipping costs may eat your profits. If your fundraising company doesn't offer free shipping be sure to receive shipping quotes on numerous different quantities upfront before you start selling anything.