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Membership in the CESJ SIG is Open to All Current Members of AERA.

To join the CESJ SIG, contact AERA:

  • in writing — 1230 17th Street NW, Washington, DC 20036;
  • by telephone — 202.223.9485;
  • or by fax — 202.775.1824
  • to request that a CESJ SIG membership be added to your AERA membership.

You can also make this request at the AERA Annual Meeting (Conference), as well as on your annual or bi-annual AERA membership renewal application.

If you are already a member of another AERA Special Interest Group (SIG), then the cost for also joining is only our nominal $10 annual SIG membership dues fee. If CESJ will be your first AERA SIG membership, then the cost for joining will also include a $7 SIG support fee that goes directly to AERA. If you join at the time that your AERA membership renews, the term of your membership in the SIG will run concurrent with your AERA membership. If you join in the middle of your AERA membership term, then your SIG membership will only run for the period up until your AERA membership renews for the first year of membership.